Aurangabad, Bihar-824101

Vision and Mission  
Our vision is to create a self-evolving environment in which the learners are able to develop:
  • A set of spiritual and moral values - honesty and good judgment.
  • Lively and enquiring minds 
  • A lifelong love for learning
  • Self-respect and a belief in their own abilities 
  • An understanding of right and wrong, self-discipline and respect for the rights and needs of others and for the environment
To realize our vision, we at DAV Public School, Danibigha will:
  • Create a respectful working environment for students and staff
  • Provide a personalized and student-centered approach to learning
  • Build a 'Culture of Achievement' 
  • Focus on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities. 
  • Promote equality and social justice 
  • Maintain attractive and welcoming grounds and facilities
  • Develop partnerships with our community - local, national and global 
  • Recognize and celebrate diversity
  • Encourage school and community health and well being 
  • Develop love and respect for the environment in inculcating an ethos of sharing and caring.
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DAV Public School Danibigha
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